Whether Right to Work is Right or Wrong, We've Got You Covered

People have differing views on politics. That's fine. However, the reality is that you can learn from people with whom you might not even agree. Besides that, you can also make a little money or spend a little less money by using Educabana to help you learn or help you find a job teaching others.

If you are trained and qualified to do something, you should share that with others. Sure, maybe it was part of your union training, and maybe it's not going to get funded like it did. Maybe the technical colleges will teach it. MAYBE.


If you have a skill or profession that can be taught to others, or if you're looking to learn a skill or profession from someone else, Educabana provides a resource for this kind of exchange. Tutors list themselves as teachers, and students or other teachers can find those tutors. For example, I've always wanted to learn how to weld. I took wood shop and CAD in high school, but never welding. However, I am an accomplished writer. Let's say Mike from high school joins Educabana. His goal in life when I last saw him was to become a welder. Maybe he needs some English tutoring for his kid or maybe he wants me to help him install a Greasecar system on his Diesel truck. There you have it. I learn a valuable skill without having to enroll in a college, and he gets my knowledge in return.

If you look at it in a way that says we're all in this union together, you'll understand where Educabana is coming from. It's great to shovel for the elderly people on your block, but what if you could take 15 minutes to show them how to use email? Remember Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite, making his football video for the scouts? He wasn't helping anyone else get better at football because he was living in his own past. You've got talents that are worth something. Don't waste those talents reminiscing about how things used to be. Join Educabana and help make life better for others.