Become a Tutor

Educabana has the ability to allow students/parents to find the exact tutor they are looking to find. If you are that tutor, stop wasting your talents working for someone else or creating awesome online ads nobody sees. Our main goal at Educabana is to simply continue to grow, and tutors will benefit from this growth. Our philosophy is that everyone has something to learn, and most people have something to teach.


With a Teacher account, you will be able to create a profile as a tutor in the Educabana database. You are not limited by your certifications or levels of education. You're not even limited by academic subjects. You decide what you're good at and you advertise with our simple profile system: think social website for tutors, with clear search parameters and no spam. Potential students (their parents if under 18) will be able to contact you through Educabana, and then it's up to you to schedule sessions. No more working around an employer. No more long hours creating ads. One ad, one profile, and you decide when to respond.


Educabana will not take half of what you make like other tutoring companies. In fact, you can work for one of them AND post your profile here for less than $10 a year. If you get a job through Educabana, charge a little more than normal but less than what your other employer charges. You keep the difference and Educacbana still takes the same tiny listing fee. Your only other job is to get more people singed up so that there are more students and teachers available. Don't worry if the students aren't looking for your subject or that other tutors teach the same subjects: competition creates choices, and you will get clients because others are also advertising the site to friends and family. If Educabana can boast having the most and best tutors available anywhere, then you will get your choice of offers from those looking for tutors.

Your Teacher account also allows you to sell in the Classifieds section. As a community of like-minded educators grows, this could be useful to you as a seller or buyer.

Your Teacher account allows you to join Group Meets, which are groups you set up to meet with in your community. You can form a group that attends museums together, discusses creative writing together, or does yoga together.

Super Lessons on the site are also unlocked by the Teacher account, as well.

The following image is of a tutor profile, available to subscribers of Teacher accounts.

tutor profile