Pride and Prejudice Pro Pack

There is probably more material readily available for Pride and Prejudice than for any other novel. However, when I wanted a simple PowerPoint to introduce the story, the only thing I could find at the time was some giant thesis presentation from India and the quizzes were often just as readily available to the kids. As usual, I ended up recreating what thousands of English teachers before me had already done.

Through the wonders of technology, we can stop the madness and use each others' work. This digital download includes 7 quizzes. Some questions overlap because I used them for different purposes, since I taught this as both a novel and as a film in a film class. The quizzes are all right around 10 questions. The only issue you might have is that I never fully created quizzes for the novel beyond Part I, and the questions I had made were integrated into a film quiz.

The introduction is clear, concise, and it kept kids interested for just about the right amount of time. I provide a link to a Google Slides presentation (26 slides).

The other true highlight is the most awesome Quizstar Quiz I've ever made, converted for you to use in the Word Document or in the Google Docs link. This quiz is all about the 2005 film, but you can use it as a visual in-class group quiz even if you never watch the movie. It's a really cool visual quiz. The last quiz is a 15-question hybrid between book and film that would work for either.

The file also includes two different character analysis activities that are great for group work. I've used both as final tests, but they can also just be test or paper prep.

Even if you have to hunt and peck for the right way of using this pack of quizzes and introduction, you will appreciate what the items can bring to your English, Honors, Advanced, Film, Film and Novel, or history classroom. I really enjoyed reading and teaching Pride and Prejudice, and I hope what I created can help you do the same.