16-19 Final Semester 2

This is 16-19 ACT CCR skills band grammar part two. 50 questions to give you an excellent idea whether or not your students have mastered the 16-19 range and are ready to move on to the 20-23 realm. Download this and Semester I for the complete set.

This 50-question test is in a practice ACT format. The difference is that it ONLY focuses on the 16-19 skills, which means you can target the problems your students are having, especially if you are teaching within the bands for a given class.

It is not an easy task to identify deficiencies in skills. It's even more difficult and time-consuming to create a test like this one. I spent one year becoming proficient at creating grammar and reading tests that look like the ACT and can give students and teachers feedback as to what is needed to improve.

This test includes grammar not covered in the Semester I test, as well as sentence structure, organization, and topic development. You probably forgot those were even skills that you're supposed to address. In fact, 1/2 to 3/4 of the ACT and any other standardized test is really and ELA exam. You are the most important teachers in the measured success of your school, and you deserve to have all of the resources you need to accomplish this. I spent about 15 hours creating this exam so that you could use it as a gauge and teach the skills necessary for your students to know the answers. Instead of you trying to reinvent the wheel, just download the 16-19 grammar tests and move on with life.

Please consider being honest with the multiple downloads, since this is the kind of test you SHOULD be sharing with your entire department. If you would purchase ACT practice test class sets, then you can at least get the district to pay for downloads for each teacher. I was up until 1am three nights in a row before finals creating this for you.

If you're going to give tests, and you want your students to improve on the ACT or SAT, why would your test NOT be just like them? If you're going to homeschool, you need to have this kind of very focused test that the schools might get with their very expensive practice tests. This is cheap in comparision.