Reading - New Yorker Response

If you happen to have a couple dozen issues of The New Yorker gathering dust, here's a simple assignment to put them to good use. The magazines and the students.

Answer the following questions about the story or article from the New Yorker.

Be sure to include the title and author.

1. We talked about The New Yorker being "highbrow" reading. What can you identify from your story or article that might qualify it as such?
2. What does the author do to make the story or article memorable?
3. What kind of imagery is used in the piece?
4. What is the setting of the story or article and how does it affect the audience?
5. What is the epiphany or moral to the story/article?
6. How is the article or story similar to something else you've read, or what allusions to other literature/news are made?
7. What makes the article or story important or worthwhile and to whom?

8. Write a response poem/song/narrative to the story or article. Do it from your perspective, as a character, or a an analysis from your point of view. Use the story to inspire your writing, and if it's not apparent why, then explain it in a sentence or two.


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