Lit - Glass Menagerie Test

My old-school, pre-ACT practice-type tests are generally more fun for me and for students. Anyhow, you can always adjust it to be more whatever to impress your admins. I have temporarily misplaced the answer key.

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English 11 Glass Menagerie Test

Amanda says Tom only thinks of himself.
A. True     B. False

The author mentions Berchtesgaden, Chamberlain, and Guernica while talking about the kids outside the dancehall who are making out. What is being compared, or juxtaposed?
The free-living kids and a possible world war
The concerned kids and a world of freedom
Kids and professional dancers
Life in the big city and life in the country

How much would Tom spend on cigarettes in a year? ($.15 per pack)
$54.75, or almost a month's salary
$21.45, or about a third of a month's salary
$135, or over two month's salary
$2.50 -- cigarettes were cheap back then

Amanda says the fire-escape is a poor excuse for the porch they used to have. What does this imply?
The porch broke down
They used to have a house
They had a couch sitting outside on the old porch
They have no respect for the wonderful qualities of a nice fire-escape

Why does the fact that Jim's last name is O'Connor mean fish on Friday, according to Amanda?
He's Greek, and all he eats is fish
He's Irish and likely Catholic; it's probably Lent
He's German, and they like fish on Fridays
He's Zambian, and fish would be a delicacy
He's Chinese, and he probably craves fish like he gets at home

Amanda says that Jim's $85 per month isn't enough. How does this make Tom feel?
Great, since Tom makes twice that
Amazed, because Tom has no idea how much Jim makes
Excited, since Tom's going to get promoted
Pretty low, since Jim makes about $20 more than Tom each month
Who knows how Tom feels, since he jumps up on the fire-escape and yells, "I'm the king of the world!"

Tom says that Laura's shyness and living in a world of her own makes others see her as:
A. well-adjusted        B. happy    C. completely insane     D. peculiar

What was Amanda's criticism of her town minister?
He drank too much
He made advances towards her
He gave boring sermons
He was bewitched by her husband's charm like everyone else
He had a speaking voice sort of like Barry White, which is just too weird

Why was Tom valuable to Jim at work?
Tom knew how much money Jim made
Tom had a pretty sister Jim wanted to meet
Tom knew about Jim's greatness in high school
Tom liked to wear really cool leisure suits to work, and that's just fun
Tom was known as "The Enforcer," and he would wander the yard with a crowbar to make sure everyone was in line

How does Amanda react when Laura accuses her of setting a trap for Jim? (the cleaning of the house; the use of "Gay Deceivers")
Amanda is appalled her daughter would say such a thing
Amanda realizes she is wrong and changes her ways
She says pretty girls are a trap and men expect them to be
She tells Laura to go wash her mouth out with soap
She complains about her gentlemen callers some more

Why wouldn't Laura want to see Jim O'Connor?
She didn't even know him, so she couldn't imagine having anything in common
She got made fun of constantly by a Jim O'Connor in high school
She totally hates a Jim O'Connor at the business school
She just doesn't feel like doing the dishes
She had a crush on a guy named Jim O'Connor in high school, and that would be a lot of pressure

Jim is discouraged by Laura's shyness.
A. True        B. False

What would be a good example of Tom neglecting his responsibilities to his mother and sister?
Tom drinks sometimes
Tom decides to pay his Union of Merchant Seaman dues instead of the electric bill
Tom gets home late from work
Tom never makes dinner
Tom goes out but can't find a girlfriend

Amanda says she's heard a lot about Jim from Tom, and she has Tom say grace at the table. What do these two statements have in common?
They are both completely true
Tom obviously prays at the table daily, but he never said anything about Jim
Both are deceptions, done to impress Jim
Amanda must have said them using note cards, since she can't talk
Amanda must not care about what the company thinks

How does Amanda react when the lights go out?
She totally freaks out and starts to scream
She illuminates the room with a battery-powered disco ball
She maintains her composure and does not seem worried

Jim says he wishes Laura was his:
A. fiancée        B. mistress    C. wife        D. mother        E. sister


According to the stage direction, what is the climax of Laura's secret life?
Her glass figurine collection
Her job with the department store
Laura's dinner
Laura's conversation with Jim
When Laura speaks to Tom about where he's been at night

Why was Laura self-conscious in high school?
She felt like the brace on her leg made too much noise
She had really bad hair, sort of that 80's poofy hairspray look with big bangs
She didn't smoke cigarettes like the in-crowd
She got really poor grades
The whole cheerleading squad pyramid incident

How has Jim been since high school?
He's been really happy, especially with work
He went on to play professional sports a while and then retire early
He's been disappointed with his career
He's held a grudge because of how he was treated back in high school
He has chronic bad breath, but other than that, he's fine

Which character is represented by the unicorn?
A. Amanda    B. Laura    C. Tom    D. Jim        E. the husband

What is represented by the broken horn of the unicorn?
Laura's accidental kneeing of Jim while they dance
Tom's broken dreams
Laura's breaking away and becoming more like other girls
The family's broke household
Simply how breakable glass is

Jim and Laura kiss in the play.
A. True        B. False

How does Amanda blame Tom for Jim's lack of interest in Laura?
Tom should never have brought an Irishman to dinner
Tom was playing a joke on them, since he must have known his best friend at work was engaged
Tom didn't stay out in the kitchen long enough
Tom told Jim silly stories about his sister

What does Tom think about while out on the streets after he leaves?
All the money he makes
The next issue of Popular Science magazine
His sister
How they ever built that arch in St. Louis

After the failed attempt to match Jim and Laura, Jim says that women can get upset when men aren't on time. To this, Amanda says she knows "all about the tyranny of women." What does she really mean?
Women are just awful creatures, and she's sad to be one of them
She's really talking about the tyranny of men and all of her problems with them
She has vast knowledge when it comes to tyranny
Women are trying to take over the world
She's got way too much time on her hands