Lit - My Antonia - Group Questions

I tried teaching My Antonia twice as a teacher. My students never got into the book as much as I had. I'd later use The Sentimentality of William Tavener by Willa Cather in another class, and that's probably enough pioneer lit for the modern teen, However, if you're teaching an AP or Honors class that still reads My Antonia, this assignment could prove helpful. No ACT skills bands here, but it's an assignment.

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Answer the following group-created questions from “The Hired Girls” section of My Antonia. One group member from each group will give the answers in order to correct the quiz. They can also explain why the question was asked if applicable, and they can decide all of the right answers that will work.

What is the name of the book?

Why did Jim fall in love with Antonia?

Who does Antonia go live with?

What club did Jim used to join?

What type of job was Lena going to learn?

Who’s Frances?

What boy in town was falling for Lena?

Why weren’t the town boys supposed to marry the hired girls?

What kind of businessman was Mr. Cutter?

What town does Jim live in?

11. Do the Cutters like to argue?

12. Who did Antonia let walk her home and slept?

A. George Washington    B. Harry Paine        C. Michael Jordan        D. Jimmy

13. What is Nick Cutter’s occupation?

A. Money lender        B. Farmer        C. Lawyer        D. Dance instructor

14. Did the Cutters have any children?     YES        NO

15. Did Mr. Harling like Antonia going to the tent every night?        YES         NO

16. What is Mr. Cutter’s hobby?

A. Shooting pool        B. Gambling        C. Pin the tail on the donkey    D. Cars


17. Where did Otto and Jake go?

18. What happened to them?

19. What town does Jim live in now?

20. What is their neighbor’s last name?

21. How many kids do the Cutters have?


22. Why did the Burdens move?

23. Why did Antonia move to Wick Cutter’s house?

24. Who had a relationship with Lena?

25. Where would all the country girls get to migle wth the city boys?

26. Who did Crazy Mary attack?

27. Why did Crazy Mary attack this person?

28. Who did Jim walk home with from the Opera House?


29. Who works at the Boys Home?

30. What is the third word on page 154?


31. What did Tony begin to wear?

32. What happened to Antonia after Mr. Harling yelled at her?

33. What was wrong with Grandmother?

34. Who was waiting for Antonia as she walked home from the Opera House?

35. Who grabbed Antonia by the throat?

36. Where did Antonia run to?

37. What happened to Antonia?

38. Who was crazy Mary?


39. Where were Jim and his grandparents planning on moving?

A. Hawk    B. West Hawk        C. Black Hawk        D. White Hawk

40. Who did Ambrosch come into town with?

A. Otto        B. No one        C. Jake            D. Antonia

41. How did Jim see Mrs. Harling?

A. Cheerful and nice    B. Crazy        C. Mean and rude        D.  Quiet and kept to herself

42. How did Lena change?

A. Became a Tomboy    B. Became more lady-like        C. Became like Otto    D. Became shy

43. Who was Crazy Mary?

A. Ole Benson’s wife    B. Mrs. Harling’s maid        C. Jake and Otto’s best freiend   

D. Woman who got run over by a carriage

44. Who was Wick Cutter?

A. Bank robber        B. Antonia’s friend        C. Mrs. Harling’s maid    D. Money-lender

45. Who did Antonia go live with after the Harlings?

A. Went back home    B. Went to live with Jim        C. Ran away        D. In the Cutters