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This is an unfinished quiz with missing sources, but you can see what I was getting at and where it was heading as a pre-reading activity.

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E11 Human Nature Quiz

1. According to the Christian Theological Conception of human nature, we all have the tendency to do what?

Good        B. evil        C. chores        D. absolutely nothing

2. The Jewish Conception of human nature says that we humans are not good automatically, though they do have:

The inclination to do only good
The inclination to do only evil
The inclination to do good and the inclination to do evil
No inclinations whatsoever

3. Rousseau believed that:

Humans are born evil and keep getting worse
Humans are born with a blank slate and are shaped by environment
Humans are born both good and evil and are always somewhat confused
Humans are born good, and society corrupts them

4. Tabula Rasa stands for:

A. Pink Table        B. Rasta Jam        C. Blank Slate        D. A pasta dish

5. John Locke said people are born into the world with:

A silver spoon—we’re all capitalists
No knowledge—the environment dictates who we become
Complete understanding—we just forget
Evil intentions

6. Capitalism appealing to humans, according to Adam Smith, because it appeals to:

A. selfishness         B. selflessness        C. happiness        D. love

7. According to the scientific position on human nature, what is more important?

Interaction of human beings