Theme - Nature - Scenarios

When we get back to teaching themes in English classes, this will once again be an effective tool for getting students to think a bit about nature. Actually, some of the scenarios would work in science class, but I wasn't thinking of one in particular.

Link to Google Doc


Your group is going to do some traveling in the quest of man to conquer nature. What you need to do is figure out:

A. Where you’re going
B. What you need to take with you
C. Who you’ll take / leave behind
D. How language (written and oral) skills are necessary
E. Positive and negative effects of nature on you / you on nature

1. You’re planning a trip to go and have fun on spring break.



2. You are going on an expedition in search of either the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot (not the monster truck).




3. A doctor in the jungle has found what seems to be the cure for AIDS. The chemical, however, cannot be reproduced and is found only in the jungle where he disappeared.



4. The United States has decided to explore new regions for oil so that we no longer rely on OPEC for our needs.



5. You are invited to go along to study either a fjord, a geyser, or a mountain range.


6. The company you work for has invented an incredible salt water conversion machine – it takes salt water and converts it into drinking water. Go set one up for someone willing to pay top dollar for having it.




7. You are in charge of setting up a new floating colony: Atlantis II.




8. The World Health Organization has enlisted you to help fight the newest flu strain.



9. You have a summer job on a fishing boat.




10. You join the Army Corps of Engineers to decide how to prevent terrible floods along the Mississippi River.