Reading Workshop Log Questions

Reading Workshop Log Questions

Schema, Inference, Questioning, and Identifying What was Important


A. Uses Schema (how your own life enables a deeper understanding of the story):

1. When you read that story did it remind you of anything you know about?
What? Why did it remind you? Did it remind you of any experiences or things that have happened?
2. Are there things you know about or things in your life that help you to understand this book?
3. What do you understand now that you didn’t understand before?


B. Infers

Select an event or fact that would call for a conclusion or interpretation.  Refer to the event or fact when answering number 2 below.
1. Can you predict what is about to happen? Why did you make that prediction? Can you point to something in the book that helped you make that prediction?
2. What did the author mean by __________________? What in the story helped you to know that? What do you already know that helped you to decide that?


C.  Asks Questions:

1. What did you wonder about (or question) while you were reading this story?
2. What questions do you have about this book now? (or wonder about now)


D.  Determines What is Important in Text (“important” text helps to define the main point(s) of your reading segment, and the overall theme of the novel):

1. Are there some parts of this story that are more important than others? Which ones? Why do you think they were the most important?
2. What do you think the author (name the author) thought was most important so far in this story? Why do you think so?