Creative Comp - Older Final Exam

This is a timed writing assignment. Students are to continue to write THE SAME story. Hide the next part on another web page or on a new page of a document. Students enjoy these and tend to write a lot.

Get all three of my timed creative writing experiences here.


Old Final

Part 1


You wake up alone on a beach…


A. Write for 15 minutes about what happens to you, why you are there, who or what you meet. Use any tone you want and any style you want. When told, click here



You venture into a cave or underground structure, and eventually you find a passageway that has a sliver of light emanating from deep within. You follow the light, which leads to an opening where you see…

 Write for 15 minutes using a tone of discovery and wonderment, and then click here


As you turn, you see the most attractive creature you’ve ever gazed upon in your life, so you…

Write this section in the style of an over-romantic novel or romantic comedy movie (10-15 minutes), then click here when done


A menacing force from (?) will seemingly destroy everything! This could pit you against another person (people), you against nature, you against god, or you against yourself. (10-15 minutes), (think action-adventure here)


 Click here to move on


All is resolved when an unexpected character (known as the Deus Ex Machina) shows up to solve everything, or at least bring the news that all is now just fine. Get creative with who the person is, why that person shows up, and what the person says to you. (10-15 minutes)