Writing - Propaganda Scenarios

Great as group work while learning about propaganda. English or social studies. Includes 11 situations.



Sometimes propaganda is created in order to hide unpleasant situations. Your goal is to write a letter using propaganda techniques from a perspective you may not normally possess. You are going to take a NEGATIVE situation and make it POSITIVE. Use the scenario given or a similar scenario to get started.

  • The warden wants prisoners to write about the wonderful conditions in jail
  • The state wants people to demonstrate how well the transportation system works
  • Soldiers are told to promote the war
  • Citizens are told to write about their government’s policies
  • The principal wants you to write a great review of your school after a bad day
  • Salvage a failed relationship
  • Your relatives want you to write about your family for a family webpage
  • Your mayor wants you to write about your town, even though you know it’s not perfect
  • You are a woman in Ancient Greece (or Shakespeare’s time) and you’ve been asked to write about it
  • You just found out you’d be losing your job
  • You’re a marginalized citizen and have been told to write about it

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