Periodic Table

I'm not really sure where this lesson came from, but it found it's way here. This one's free.

Day (1) - research Introduce to the class the term elements. What are elements. Why do we need to know what elements are? Assign the first 20 elements to your students. If you have more than 20 students continue assigning elements until each student has their own. Only assign the elements in order starting at hydrogen. Go to Using your mouse, hover the mouse over the tab that says “Wikipedia” and select video. Watch and listen to information about your element. Answer the following questions on your own piece of paper. Don’t lose this paper. What is the name of your element? Is your element a solid, liquid or gas? What is interesting about your element? Where is your element found? Day (2) - creation Create a superhero based upon your element. Name them your element name. For example: C could be Carbonman - Based upon what you learned about your element, what superpowers would they have? - Why would they have these powers? - What element could you partner with to form a more powerful superhero? - Why? What happens? - Put your answers to these questions on a piece of paper. - On the other side of the paper, draw a picture of your superhero. - In the top right corner place your element number - Below the number, put your element’s symbol - Title your paper with your superhero name - Below the title place your picture (don’t make it too big) - On the side of or below your picture, write the answers to the questions from day one. Day (3) - report Put up your drawings of your superheros in order of the periodic table in order Tell tell the class about your superhero’s powers and why they have these powers Create a NCAA tournament and let the students battle each other to see who is the most powerful element. Students must justify their answers. You could have the students create their own Pokemon style cards and battle that way. Students would have strengths and weaknesses based upon what they have learned about their elements.

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