Successful Test of Moodle and Joomla Integration

When I heard that a couple of components existed that could potentially integrate Joomla and Moodle with one login, I immediately saw the potential: the best CMS (Joomla) and the best education platform (Moodle) could be combined as one website.

Think of Joomla as your typical thousand-page newspaper website. You can have fifty menus going in all different directions. Elegant, chaotic, and organized. Joomla also allows the adding of thousands of (mostly free) components. These are kind of like apps. And just like apps, some are pretty pointless, while others unlock a whole new world.

The components that link CMS systems together open up a website to add tools that had been reserved for only schools that wanted to go to a separate page with a different host in order to work on one of the several activities that could be done in various places by different people, sometimes. Get the picture?

The goal in designing a better school portal is to integrate as much as possible, and the best way to work towards integration is when all of your school activities have the same login. Calendars, forums, homework pages, grades, emails, teacher web pages, student profiles, and probably more.

At Educabana, we will continue testing until we can create the next generation of web portals for schools.  

Update 2013: Schools are using more and more portals in order to track students and teachers. One solution would be best, but the schematics of that one solution has become more complicated since the initial Joomla/Moodle test. Further development of a two CMS system covering half of the necessary education tools may not be time-effective. However, new releases in integration may be available in the near future, so we will keep looking.