High Schools in East Arlington, FL

If you live in East Arlington, Jacksonville, Florida, then you eventually have to make a decision about high school. While some parents will choose to move to St. Johns County in order to avoid the Duval County Public Schools or the high cost of private high school, you do have some options when it comes to where your kids can thrive in a high school. Read this article about Jacksonville area high schools for more perspective. 

If you are looking for the quick answer, then here it is:

All three of the public schools offer programs that might entice you, including AP, Early College, or AICE. The Charter high school is a STEM school. These schools include Sandalwood, Fletcher, Atlantic Coast, and River City Science.

There are several elite private schools in the area, so if money isn't a concern, these schools offer very good academics along with top-rated sports programs. These schools include Bolles, Episcopal, Providence, and Bishop Kenny. 

The other private schools are often very small and very conservative, and that's a niche that seems to be popular in the area, so it might suit you perfectly. These schools include Harvest, Seacoast, Beaches Chapel, and University Chrisitan.

Lastly, if your kid loves academics and wants to be accepted to a whole bunch of colleges, then the drive over to Stanton might make the most sense.