Lancaster City Schools Looking for Chromebook Protection

Good decisions are being made at Lancaster City Schools. Expensive Macs are being replaced by cheap Chromebooks at Lancaster High School, Thomas Ewing Junior High School, General Sherman Junior High School, Medill @ East Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant Elementary, Sanderson Elementary School, Tarhe Trails Elementary School, Gorsuch West Elementary, and Tallmadge Elementary School.

Students will be moving to 1:1 Chromebooks. Some of these Chromebooks will break, usually because of the flexible screen. Some of them won't be used as much as the Lancaster City Schools School Board would like, since teachers want students to interact in many ways in the classroom. What if you could help fix both of these situations?

The Cranium by Educabana is a screen reinforcement device that protects the Chromebooks from flexing too much. It's also a whiteboard that protects students from navigating to websites during class too much. Order from Amazon or contact us directly.