Horry County Schools Chromebooks

We hope that the Horry County Schools (SC) will be happy with the new Chromebooks to replace Ipads. It's generally the right choice. Chromebooks are capable of doing what students need done, and they are cheap. The plastic used in construction dictates that you will have some breakage concerns. These can generally be alleviated with a soft case covers or hard case covers.

The Cranium from Educabana is simple, and it protects the flexible screens. As an added bonus, the Cranium is also a whiteboard. And it's less cumbersome than the soft cases with similar protection. Students won't be trying to take the Craniums off the Chromebooks, since it's a permanent solution.

If you are a parent, school board member, student, teacher, or taxpayer in Horry County, South Carolina, it might pay to check out the Cranium by Educabana.

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