Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley, Park Hill, Lee's Summit to Prepare for Future

The future of Kansas City is in the hands of school leaders. When those leaders waste money on Microsoft Office and IPads, taxpayers need to question the capabilities of the leaders. Google Drive, now G Suite, is available and works just as well as Office for what schools need. Chromebooks are can be had for less than half of a laptop and maybe a third of a Mac. If you have a lot of students, that can really add up. Just look at what happened in Los Angeles. 

Chromebooks are the right choice for elite schools because people who run the schools are smart enough to know that Open Source is pretty much the same as the expensive version of programs. For example, I use a mid-2000s laptop running Ubuntu and GIMP for photo editing. The results I get are better than an inexperienced person using a Pro Mac or EliteBook and Adobe Photoshop. If your school district is pushing Microsoft, Adobe, and Mac, then ask who is getting commissions from sales. 

When Shawnee Mission Schools, Blue Valley Schools, Park Hill Schools, and Lee's Summit Schools decide to purchase or replace Chromebooks, possibly for 1:1 computing, it's also a good idea to get some protection. While the cheap laptops are pretty rugged, the screens can bend a bit, so get a Cranium Chromebook Protector and Whiteboard. Yes, it's also a whiteboard, unlike the brightly-colored plastic protection available from other companies. And it works, which is also unlike the other hard cases out there. Order in bulk right from Educabana

If you want the best for your kids, you make sure you live in the right school district. Then you hope that district makes the right choice in school materials. You might forget to hope the school protects the investment, but it is important.