Military Lutheran Church Services - lrcsonline

If you are in the military and cannot find the church service you are used to having through the Lutheran Church (LCMS and WELS), then try out It's called Lutheran Radio Church Service, and it's a half-hour Lutheran service recorded for the radio each week. The services alternate between LCMS and WELS, but there's no stopping any denomination from listening.

The pastors who speak are from local Milwaukee area churches, and it airs on several radio stations in Wisconsin, but you can access the services online at any time. There's no login or signup, no fees or required donations. So go ahead and take a listen.

By all means, try to follow your home church while away. If that church needs help with a website you can access, have the office contact Luthernet. Many churches will add at least the sermon to their websites, so if that makes more sense to you, listen to your own pastor each week. However, if that's not an option, Lutheran Radio Church Service follows the same calendar as other Lutheran churches, so you can still get your church on wherever you might be stationed.