Howard County Public Schools BYOD Chromebook Protection

Howard County Chromebooks

If your child attends Howard County Public Schools in Maryland, you know that it's a BYOD district. That can be good, since you have the opportunity to make the right choice in the device you bring. The school district recommends Chromebooks:

We are a BYOD school. As parents are making a choice as to which device might be the best choice
for their student, the staff at FQMS would recommend a Chromebook as the best choice for the

Chromebooks are great because they do what students need at a cheap price. However, they will break once in a while. Instead of getting repairs or a new Chromebook, it's wise to invest in protection. Not a protection plan that costs upwards of $25 a year for a $200 device. You need a Cranium Chromebook Protector and Whiteboard. It's available for any Chromebook model, and it's a permanent solution that costs less than one year of insurance.

If you want to encourage your school district to purchase these or if your model is not yet available on Amazon, contact Educabana directly.