English Language Arts Tutoring in Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, Overland Park, Kansas

I'm new to Johnson County, Kansas, but I can tell that people in the area value education. That's great, since my old zip code was in Wisconsin, another state known for leading the way in education. In fact, Wisconsin annually boasts some of the highest ACT scores in the nation. Kansas isn't bad, either. In some ways, that's why you need the right tutor: you've got some pretty good competition.


My name is Brian Jaeger. I am a writer, web designer, domestic dad, and tutor. I have helped college students write English 101 papers, edited master's level writing, helped a Chinese website get started in English, and taught grammar to 6th graders. I know the secret to ACT reading tests, but I also know that basic communication is more important than one test score. 

I don't run a paper mill or teach to any tests. I focus on skills and editing. I am a proficient writer myself, and my goal is to help others to attain comparable skills so that I can sell my writing to those who might appreciate it. I believe we can all add to the Great Conversation, or at least understand what those who have are discussing. Whether you are a recent immigrant, a high school student, a college student, or a business owner, you can probably benefit from my expertise. Use the contact form on this website if you want a tutor who wants you to succeed.


We no longer live in the area. Please search for tutors online.