Chromebook Usage Agreements

Cranium Chromebook Cover

If you are a parent with a student at a 1:1 school, then you know about all the documents you and your child need to sign in order to get the Chromebooks. This is partially because of the cost, the potential (mis)usage, and the scope with which the computers are intended to be used -- pretty much every class.

Actually, when you look at it from a usage standpoint, school districts are getting off easy compared to the old textbook standard. Those cost $50+ each, and were issued in all subjects. Normal wear and tear, as well as needed updates, meant the life-cycle was fairly short. Chromebooks with online subscriptions is a cheaper option. And on top of that, districts want to hold parents responsible for a broken device that's used probably five hours a day and 180 days a year, carried from class to class, and usually taken home. Probably 1000 hours a school year. Your old Biology textbook: maybe 60 hours of usage per year.

Some of the school districts with new Chromebooks or usage agreements include Circleville City Schools (OH), Mauldin High School (SC), Menlo Park Elementary School (Edison, NJ), Robert G. Cole High School (San Antonio, TX), Southridge High School (Beaverton, OR), Fike High School (Wilson, NC), and AFC School District #275 (Franklin Grove, IL).

Parents in these school districts want to know that the Chromebooks are being used properly and that all options are available to keep the devices from breaking. Most school district offer or require some kind of case. Most cases are bulky or are just decorative. The Cranium Hard Case Chromebook Screen Protector is neither. Thin, light, and rigid, it gives a $250 Chromebook the feel of a much more expensive laptop. When a student picks it up by the screen or bumps into a locker, it's not a problem. The flexible screen is protected, and so is the investment.

Beyond being the best protection for the Chromebook's weakest part, the Cranium is also a whiteboard, great for use in surveys or test prep. Even for doodling.

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