Naperville District 204 Chromebooks

According to Naperville Now, District 204 students recently received their Chromebooks, but that's not the whole story. The residents of Naperville need to ask what the students will be doing with the new computers, whether the teachers are prepared to use them, and how well the Chromebooks are protected from typical student behaviors.

When I was teaching and my school district went to laptops for all students, those computers were basically paperweights every other hour except mine. I had spent the summer preparing to use the devices daily in class (and I got paid to do so), but most teachers were not ready. Even though I was prepared, students still tested the limits of what would be allowed, so district-wide policies on appropriate use are important (but difficult to police). For some ideas of what to do, check out this article.

Beyond finding an actual use for the Chromebooks, are they protected? The photo on Naperville Now showed a student receiving a completely uncovered computer, meaning no case or protector. Let's hope there's something to protect the Chromebooks. However, students will still unhook from whatever slows them down, so we recommend the Cranium Chromebook Hard Case Protector.

You can order Craniums from Amazon, or you can contact Educabana to order in bulk. Even better news is that the Craniums are also whiteboards, so when some teachers can't come up with an intricate new lesson online, the students can still use the devices for more than just a giant calculator.