Fuzzy Vision One91 - Are Those Chromebooks Unprotected?

vision one 91 chromebooks

Vision One91 is a technology initiative with a lot of cool stuff going on, but one area that might be missing is Chromebook protection. The school district, covering Burnsville, Eagan, and Savage, shows students engaged while using their Chromebooks. However, parents and school board members might like to know how well those Chromebooks are holding up to student use. Data indicates that nearly 20% of Chromebooks end up breaking, and most of those breakages are a result of student misuse, meaning dropping books on the devices, running into a table, or accidentally throwing a classmate's computer across the room. When we see unprotected Chrombooks, we see money flying out the window.

Keep the money in the district instead of in the hands of Chromebook repairmen. Use the Cranium Chromebook Protector and Whiteboard. Research it online and bulk order through Educabana.