Ridgefield Chromebooks Are Here!

Ridgefield Chromebooks

In Ridgefield, Connecticut, the schools have wisely moved towards Chromebooks. The devices are inexpensive and usable. Eventually, teachers will use them daily. Students, however, will use them all the time, right from the start. We hope Dr. Miller has a plan on how to make sure the Chromebooks don't break hourly, too. The best way to prevent the flexible screens on Chromebooks from breaking is to add some kind of protection, and that's the Cranium. The best way to get the teachers using the Chromebooks from day one is also the Cranium, since it doubles as a perfect-sized whiteboard.

If Ridgefield wants to order more than a few Chromebook protectors, then use this contact form. The other option is to wait until next year in order to see how many Chromebooks come back into the shop. The Craniums will still work then, but they work even better as a preventative tool.