Jurupa Unified School District to Get Chromebooks, Need Craniums

Jurupa Chromebook Cover

The Jurupa Unified School District has purchased Chromebooks for all students. Wonderful news! What the Chromebook salesmen neglect to tell you, however, is that the Chromebooks have a fairly high breakage rate, often the result of a flexible screen, and always the result of students mishandling the machines. Think about it, though: do you pick up your smartphone only by the edges? Do you keep it in a sealed fanny pack at all times? If not, you can understand why students treat Chromebooks like the tablets they have at home.

The problem is that Chromebooks aren't rigid like tablets, so the screens can get destroyed. One layer of defense that pays for itself in a year is the Cranium Chromebook Protector and Whiteboard. It makes the screen rigid, meaning students won't break the devices as easily.

Beyond that, it's a whiteboard. There are plenty of times, as Jurupa teachers are adjusting to teaching with computers, that a whiteboard will be MUCH more useful than the Chromebook underneath.

Check out the available Craniums at Amazon. Order one just to see, or contact us at Educabana to order one for every student.