Park Ridge-Niles School Dist. 64 Gets Chromebooks, As Do Others

Park Ridge Chromebooks

Park Ridge-Niles School Dist. 64 has ordered new Chromebooks for students, and the district is also sure to protect that investment. The right way to do this is with Cranium Chromebook Protectors with built-in white boards. Search the internet for the Cranium, and you'll find it's a unique hard case cover that works better and cheaper than other options, but it can also work in conjunction with soft cases. Find out more on the Educabana homepage. The Cranium works with Dells and all other Chromebooks. Contact us for more information on orders.

Another school district with a similar need for protecting Chromebooks is School District 54 in Shaumberg, Illinois, which ordered Chromebooks for its schools. Since this school district has been debt-free since 2011, it makes sense that the school board knows the best ways to spend available funds. Purchasing inexpensive and useful Chromebook cases is better than watching the new devices fall apart in the hands of inquisitive children.

Bowling Green High School students will also get Chromebooks this year. While the Cranium screen protector can't help a Chromebook that's used for actual bowling, it can stop the screen from bending. Have you ever seen a high school kid pick up a laptop by the screen? If not, you're probably not a high school teacher or parent of a high school kid. The Cranium does not encourage poor choices, but it does limit the effect of those choices. Since Bowling Green made the right choice in adopting Chromebooks, it makes sense to protect the investment.