Medical College of Wisconsin Housing Options

If you are going to attend The Medical College of Wisconsin from out of state, do you really understand the housing options available to you? More than likely, you think Milwaukee is a lot like your own town when it comes to housing, but every location is unique, and a little bit of research can help you decide where you want to live.

A lot of residents choose the area to the east of MCW, but that might not be right for your family. Anything in Milwaukee to the east or north of MCW is going to have a bit more crime. The houses often look nice, and you will love the character on the inside, but you won't love it as much when you have to come home late at night and park out in the garage in the alley. These homes are often on tight lots, too, meaning you'll get to know your neighbors very well. Houses in Wauwatosa are often much more expensive than these Milwaukee homes to the east, but if you can find a good deal, that might be the best place to house your family.

The suburbs to the west are desirable, but the drive will wear on you, so many students don't bother to look too far out of the immediate area. You also have to be aware that the Zoo Interchange Project will be making commuting during peak hours near The Medical College a nightmare for a few more years. The houses to the north in Wauwatosa are fine, too, but you will also have some navigating to get to work. If you go further north into Milwaukee again, the crime once again rises.

To the south, you will have some great options in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. Steer clear of West Allis unless you really enjoy people-watching and broken glass on the sidewalk. Really, your best options are going to be south of MCW from about 76th Street to Highway 100, running down to I-94. You also have to keep in mind that you will not want to be living on or too near to the Wisconsin Lutheran College Campus, so that takes several blocks out of the section mentioned.

Probably the best block overall is 93rd Street between Wisconsin Avenue and Bluemound Road. This is a clearly residential block with large yards on the west side of the block. Essentially, it means there are about 15 houses that are perfect for you and your family during your residency. It's a block that is close enough to walk to work without being surrounded by Wisconsin Lutheran College kids all the time, just far enough away to not have street parking issues.

One of these houses will be going up for rent soon. Read an article about this house here. If you think you'd rather buy a house, read this article about why renting might make more sense for someone who will only be spending a short time in the area.