What is PDSA in School?

pdsa sllo skills gradual release rti data  pbis i can smart goals cssHave your administrators begun talking about another new way of teaching that you're not too sure about? If they have, it might be a version of PDSA - Plan Design Study Act. PDSA is kind of like a business improvement model, sometimes called Continuous Improvement. You can agree or disagree about the use of this type of improvement plan for education, but the fact is that if your district is mandating it, then you will be using it, and they don't know much more about how to use it than you do, so you better learn what you need to do. 


Quality Across the Curriculum: Integrating Quality Tools and Pdsa With Standards, K-5  is a book that deals with PDSA. 


Another book about Continuous Improvement and PDSA: Continuous Improvement in the Mathematics Classroom


If you are a manager in business or think that we need to be in education, here's another title: 

The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education - 2nd Edition