passive ninja

  • Web Presence

    Every school district or organization is different, and you should only pay for the features you want and need. Educabana customizes your web presence, and we offer many of the same add-ons that you'd expect in a much more expensive web development. Contact Brian for more information.

    Simple Web Pages

    You want one landing page. Nothing else. Ever. Fast and cheap, but professional. You don't want to deal with the site or update it, but it has to look good and make others believe you've paid thousands of dollars to look professional online. We can do that.

    Basic Web Sites 

    You're a small school district and you don't want to pay what everyone else is paying for a huge website you and your teachers won't use and don't need. But, you want control of the site. We can create simple web pages for a fraction of what you'd pay with anyone else. We'll still use a content management system so that you can update your own site, but it will not be too unwieldly to control.

    Full Content Management Site

    You want others in your organization to have control of their space online. You want students and teachers to be able to connect, and teachers to communicate with parents and the public, and you want it all integrated together.

    Google Sites

    You see Google Drive and Google Sites as the future of your district, but you're not really sure how it can happen (and just saying it's happening hasn't worked before). 

    Some Examples

    Educators like to see examples. PassiveNinja.comshows you a little more of what I can accomplish.