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    Separate Words (Words Apart)

    This is a parody of "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" by Journey. I wrote it as an educational song, and I've used it as a learning tool to teach the content used in the lyrics. However, I've also used it in a creative writing course as an example for students to follow in order to create their own educational song parodies. Also, it's worth your time to find the official music video for the original song, as well as some of the silly remakes.

    The list is of commonly confused one-word-or-two combinations, in alphabetical order. I was surprised that it wasn't more difficult to create matching lyrics that make almost as much sense as the original while maintaining such a strict rule in writing.

    I have also added some quizzes that I used with the words in the song. Good practice, even if you just show the song and quizzes to students.

    Here's the TpT link.