• Grace Lutheran Church and School in Jacksonville, Florida

    Are you looking for a school in Jacksonville, FL? If you have kids, you've probably thought about  whether or not to send them to a private or religious school. Maybe you've seen some of the negative reports from some public schools. Maybe you want a religious/moral education to be part of the equation. Jacksonville's public schools may be just fine for most people. For some, a private, religious school is the place they want to send their kids.

    Grace Lutheran is located in the East Arlington part of Jacksonville, near enough to the Beaches and Mayport, but not far from the bridges that lead to downtown and the airport. The convenient location on McCormick between Kernan and Monument might be important to you, depending on your commute.

    Students at Grace receive academic instruction from trained and certified teachers who care about each and every child. The athletics program at Grace is also top-notch, and all kids have the opportunity to participate in organized sports. This is an excellent school with a reputation for preparing students for high school and college.