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    Cranium Chromebook Cover


    Nothing can compete with the Chromebook as an economical alternative to Windows Laptops, and nothing can compare to The Cranium Protector. Designed by a teacher who understands the need for rugged computer accessories in the classroom, this product will protect the most vulnerable part of the Acer Chromebook from accidental breakage. 

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    Will students pick the laptop up by its screen? Yes. Will they drop their books on it? Yes. Will they smack it up against a desk while carrying it? Yes. Will someone else borrow the device and abuse it for no reason? Absolutely. The ONLY thing you can be certain of is that students will try to figure out ways to destroy their Chromebooks, but you can use your cranium and thwart their efforts to go broke buying and re-buying school supplies. This permanent solution keeps the Chromebook screen safe.

    Cheap and bulky plastic snap-on versions can't compete. In fact, there is NO competition for the PVC/aluminum Cranium as a screen protector and whiteboard. Get yours now.

    The Cranium is available for Acer, Dell, CTL, Samsung, Lenovo, and all other Chromebook makers. Contact the manufacturer directly for a quote on any kind of Chromebook hard case cover / whiteboard. Mention code FALLS for those orders, too.