High School Theatre

jamesjaegertheaterIn this post-Covid world, people might forget to get back to recognizing students who put so much time and effort into sports or arts at local high schools. Most of these students work hard in the classroom as well as on the field or auditorium, and they deserve our recognition. Make an effort to find out when your local high school is performing a play, and get tickets. You may not want to be in a room full of people, but that's the only way theater programs can survive, and it's the only way performances are worthwhile. 

If you happen to live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, then see what I wrote about plays at Fletcher High School. If you live elsewhere, search for the performing arts at your local high schools. Some of them use the official school website, while others might have Facebook pages or other websites related to the program. Our schools in Jax use GoFan for ticketing, but you might live somewhere with a more professional system for reserved seating. 

When people don't show up to see the high school play, students notice. It's like when I played baseball in high school and no one ever came to the games, except Jason Jones's dad, and sometimes my dad. Compared to football or basketball, it was pretty sad, and it felt like more people cared whether the football team I was on did well. The fact is that most kids in any sport or activity aren't going to go pro in that sport or activity, but you can help them feel like it's worth the effort by being there once in a while.