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  • Relaxation in Education +

    Relax. We're here to help you succeed through using the newest ideas in and out of the classroom. It's what Read More
  • Lit - To Kill a Mockingbird - Southerntown +

    I found this article and activity online a number of years ago. I did not create it, though I may Read More
  • Grammar - One Word or Two - Song Lyrics and Quizzes +

    Separate Words (Words Apart) This is a parody of "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" by Journey. I wrote it as an Read More
  • Web Presence +

    Every school district or organization is different, and you should only pay for the features you want and need. Educabana Read More
  • Successful Test of Moodle and Joomla Integration +

    When I heard that a couple of components existed that could potentially integrate Joomla and Moodle with one login, I Read More
  • Lit - To Kill a Mockingbird WebSearch +

    While some of the census data is a bit older and the links are directed specifically to my part of Read More
  • Combining All You Know in One Place +

    As an English teacher and as a writer, I realize the importance of organization, but I constantly fight against it. Read More
  • Lit - Abalone, Abalone, Abalone Quiz +

    I wrote this quiz my first year of teaching. It might not be my best, but if you need to Read More
  • Lit - An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Questions and Quiz +

    I have 15 discussion questions to use with "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge."I have added a 10 question quiz, Read More
  • Lit - To Kill a Mockingbird 1930s Magazines Analysis +

    This lesson was created to make use of my collection of 1930s magazines I inherited from my grandpa. Now that Read More
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